Document Type : Research Paper


Department of CSE, The NorthCap University, Gurugram, Haryana, India



COVID-19, an epidemic disease, has challenged human lives all over the world. Governments and scientific communities are trying their level best to help the masses. This disease which is caused by corona virus majorly attacks the upper respiratory system rendering the human immunity incapacitated and, in some cases, proving fatal. Therefore, it is very much important to identify the infected people quickly and accurately, so that it can be prevented from spread. Early addressal of the symptoms can help to prevent the disease to become severe for all mankind. This calls for the development of a decision-making system to help the medical fraternity for the timely action. This proposed fuzzy based system predicts Covid-19 based on individuals’ symptoms and parameters. It receives input parameters as fever, cough, breathing difficulty, muscle ache, sore throat, travel history, age, medical history in the form of different membership functions and generates one output that predicts the likelihood of a person being infected with COVID-19 using Mamdani fuzzy inference system. The timely prognosis of the disease at home isolation or at the security checks can help the patient to seek the medical treatment as early as possible. Patient case studies, real time observations, cluster cases were studied to create the rule base for FDMS. The results are validated by using real-time individuals test cases on the proposed system which yields 97.2% accuracy, 100% sensitivity and 96.2% specificity.


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