Document Type : Research Paper


Qassim University,Saudi Arabia


Fractional problem (FP) is a decision problem arises to optimize the ratio subject to constraints. In real-world decision scenarios, decision makers (DMs) may be asked to compare inventory to sales, actual cost to standard cost, output to employee, and so on., with both the numerator and denominator are linear. If only one ratio is taken into account, as an objective function and the constraints are linear, then the problem is said to be linear fractional programming (LFP) problem. This paper deals with a multi- objective linear fractional programming problem in fuzzy environment. The problem is considered by introducing all the parameters as piecewise quadratic fuzzy numbers. Through the use of the associated real number of the close interval approximation and the order relation of the piecewise quadratic fuzzy numbers, the problem is transformed into the corresponding crisp problem A proposed method introduces to generate ideals and the set of all fuzzy efficient solutions. A numerical example is given illustrate the method.


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