Document Type : SI: IFTBDADM


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey


In recent years, development of the machine learning algorithms has led to the creation of intelligent surveillance systems. Thanks to the machine learning, it is possible to perform intelligent surveillance by recognizing people's facial features, classifying their age and gender, and detecting objects around instead of ordinary surveillance. In this study, a novel algorithm has been developed that classifies people's age and gender with a high accuracy rate. In addition, a novel object recognition algorithm has been developed that detects objects quickly and with high accuracy. In this study, age and gender classification was made based on the facial features of people using convolutional neural network architecture. Secondly, object detection was performed using different machine learning algorithms and the performance of the different machine learning algorithms was compared in terms of median average precision and inference time. The accuracy of the age and gender classification algorithm was tested using the Adience dataset and the results were graphed. The experimental results show that age and gender classification algorithms successfully classify people's age and gender. Then, the performances of object detection algorithms were tested using the COCO dataset and the results were presented in graphics. The experimental results stress that machine learning algorithms can successfully detect objects.


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