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Florentin Smarandache

University of New Mexico, 705 Gurley Ave., Gallup, New Mexico 87301, USA


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Florentin Smarandache


Professor (Full)



"Lotfi Zadeh and Florentin Smarandache at the University of Berkeley, December 2003."


Personal web page: http://fs.unm.edu/

Scientist and writer. Wrote in four languages: English, Romanian, French, and Spanish. Published over 900 scientific papers and over 400 books in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, economics, computer science, information fusion, medical applications, psychology, sociology, as well as literary works such as poetry, stories, essays, a novel, translations, dramas, plays for children, folklore, and albums of arts.

Florentin Smarandache received the M.Sc. degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Craiova, Romania, and the Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the State University of Kishinev. He held a postdoctoral position in applied mathematics at the Okayama University of Sciences, Japan. He is currently a Professor of mathematics with The University of New Mexico–Gallup, USA. He has been the Founder of neutrosophy (generalization of dialectics), neutrosophic set, logic, probability and statistics, since 1995, and has published articles and books on neutrosophic physics, superluminal and instantaneous physics, unmatter, absolute theory of relativity, redshift and blueshift due to the medium gradient and refraction index besides the Doppler effect, paradoxism, outerart, neutrosophy as a new branch of philosophy, law of included multiple-middle, multispace, degree of dependence and independence between the neutrosophic components, refined neutrosophic set, neutrosophicover-under-off-set, plithogenicset, neutrosophic triplet and duplet structures, quadruple neutrosophic structures, DSmT, and so on to many peer-reviewed international journals and many books. He presented articles and plenary lectures to many international conferences around the world.