Document Type : Review Paper


1 Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Pretoria, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria 0002, South Africa.

2 Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Springfield,, One University Plaza, Springfield, IL 62703, USA.

3 Department of Mathematics, School of Sciences, University of Management and Technology, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.


The aim of this paper is to investigate different definitions of soft points in the existing literature on soft set theory and its extensions in different directions. Then limitations of these definitions are illustrated with the help of examples. Moreover, the definition of soft point in the setup of fuzzy soft set, intervalvalued fuzzy soft set, hesitant fuzzy soft set and intuitionistic soft set are also discussed. We also suggest an approach to unify the definitions of soft point which is more applicable than the existing notions.


Main Subjects

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