Document Type : Research Paper


department of computer sciences at Tbilisi State University, Georgia



The Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) operator was introduced by R.R. Yager [58] to provide a method for aggregating inputs that lie between the max and min operators. In this article two variants of probabilistic extensions the OWA operator - POWA and FPOWA (introduced by J.M. Merigo [27, 28]) are considered as a basis of our generalizations in the environment of fuzzy uncertainty (parts II and III of this work), where different monotone measures (fuzzy measure) are used as uncertainty measures instead of the probability measure. For the identification of “classic” OWA and new operators (presented in parts II and III) of aggregations, the Information Structure is introduced where the incomplete available information in the general decision-making system is presented as a condensation of uncertainty measure, imprecision variable and objective function of weights.


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