Document Type : Research Paper


1 Government College University

2 Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Pretoria 0002, South Africa.

3 University of Illinois Springfield


The q-rung orthopair fuzzy soft set (q-ROFSS) theory is a significant extension of Pythagorean fuzzy soft set and intuitionistic fuzzy soft set theories for dealing with the imprecision and uncertainty in data. The purpose of this study is to improve and apply this theory in decision-making. To achieve this purpose, we firstly propose some Bonferroni mean (BM) and weighted Bonferroni mean (WBM) aggregation operators for aggregating the data. Some desired properties are presented in detail and the existing aggregation operators are used as distinct cases of our proposed operators. Further, a decision-making analysis is presented based on our proposed operations and applied to decision-making in COVID-19 diagnosis. The preferred way is discussed to protect maximum human lives from COVID-19. A numerical example is given to support the claim. The experimental results demonstrate the proposed operators have an ability to make a precise decision with imprecision and uncertain information which will find a broad application in the decision-making area.


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