Fuzzy sets and their variants
1. An overview of portfolio optimization using fuzzy data envelopment analysis models

Mehrdad Rasoulzadeh; Mohammad Fallah

Volume 1, Issue 3 , Summer 2020, , Pages 187-197


  A combination of projects, assets, programs, and other components put together in a set is called a portfolio. Arranging these components helps to facilitate the efficient management of the set and subsequently leads to achieving the strategic goals. Generally, the components of the portfolio are quantifiable ...  Read More

Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and their variants
2. A new approach for ranking of intuitionistic fuzzy numbers

Suresh Mohan; Arun Prakash Kannusamy; Vengataasalam Samiappan

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, , Pages 15-26


  The concept of an intuitionistic fuzzy number (I F N) is of importance for representing an ill-known quantity. Ranking fuzzy numbers plays a very important role in the decision process, data analysis and applications. The concept of an intuitionistic fuzzy number (IFN) is of importance for quantifying ...  Read More