Document Type : Research Paper


1 Lyceum of the Philippines University

2 Glink Artificial Intelligence Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd



This study investigates the integration and optimization of an intelligent rural management system leveraging advanced technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and social networks. Initially, it identifies and scrutinizes prevailing issues in rural development processes, emphasizing the role of rural cultural dissemination, with a specific focus on the impact of social networks. Subsequently, through the incorporation of fuzzy set theory and the adoption of an enhanced blockchain consensus algorithm—the Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm, a comprehensive rural management system is established, combining fuzzy sets and blockchain. Lastly, an intelligent traffic management system is developed to address logistics and distribution challenges in rural revitalization, facilitating efficient interurban delivery. The system automatically invokes the Matlab dynamic link library and employs a hybrid genetic algorithm to plan delivery routes. This study presents key findings on the implementation of an intelligent rural management system incorporating fuzzy sets, blockchain, and IoT technology. The system notably enhances transparency and traceability in agricultural production and supply chain processes, optimizes logistics and distribution efficiency, and reduces operational costs through intelligent management techniques. Additionally, the integrated application significantly bolsters consumer trust in the quality and safety of agricultural products, leading to heightened overall user satisfaction.


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