We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and completeness of scholarly records. That's why the Journal of Fuzzy Extension & Applications follows the CrossMark scheme, which provides readers with a standard way to locate the authoritative version of a document. By clicking on the CrossMark icon, readers can view the document's current status and obtain additional publication record information.

The Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications is committed to maintaining its content and alerting readers to changes if and when they occur. All content published in the journal is permanently archived in PubMed Central, regardless of the outcome of the peer review process. If published content needs to be corrected or retracted, we will follow the COPE Policies on Retraction Guidelines based on current best practices in scholarly publishing.

Our editors consider retracting a publication if there is clear evidence of unreliable findings due to misconduct or honest error, redundant publication, plagiarism, or unethical research. If there is inconclusive evidence of research or publication misconduct, they may issue an expression of concern. Corrections may be issued for a small portion of an otherwise reliable publication that proves misleading or an incorrect author/contributor list.

Retractions are not usually necessary if only a change of authorship is required, and there is no reason to doubt the validity of the findings. We attach the highest importance to maintaining trust in the authority of our electronic archive and the scholarly record, which is essential to researchers and librarians.