Document Type : Research Paper


1 Laboratory of Automation, Electrical Systems Environment (LAESE), National Engineering School of Monastir (ENIM), Monastir, Tunisia.

2 COSYS Department,ESTAS Laboratory , University of Gustave Eiffel, France.


The scope of the presented work is devoted to the monitoring of transport railway networks. These systems have robustness to temporal perturbations. The major paper's contribution is a fuzzy filtering of sensor signals incorporating robustness parameters. This novel concept combines a conventional sensor signal filter mechanism and fuzzy logic principles. The strengths of these two techniques are leveraged to prevent control freezing and the fuzzy systems' ability to handle inaccurate information by employing fuzzy rules. Lastly, to prove the efficiency and the accuracy of the newly developed approach, an example is shown. The findings reveal that the fuzzy logic allows to maintain the travel process in a degraded mode, while ensuring the traffic quality and customers safety through the incorporation of expert knowledge.


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